Recently we were treated to another insanely masterful release from Australian producer cln, the track was called ‘Breathe’ and it was released via US label OWSLA / NEST.

This week we get to hear three very interesting interpretations of that song by three extremely talented artists; French producer Devoted, US beat-maker X&G, and Kentucky’s Ellie Herring

“The use of percussion in this remix is really great. The song has been re-crafted and taken to a whole new darker place. It’s really well done. I love the subtlety of all the different elements.” – cln

“The thing I love about remixes is that there aren’t really any rules. X&G have made something completely different here, it’s basically a new song in it’s own right. They’ve just picked a few key elements from the original and slot them in to fit the heavy/industrial vibe. I feel like this remix would work really well in a film.” – cln

“Ellie Herring completely flipped it on its head here. This remix takes the song to the club perfectly. My favourite bit is when the vocal chops come in – so good.” – cln

And finally let’s take another few listens to cln’s original version, and get ready to sing-along with everything you’ve got to that emotional heart-felt chorus.

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