The video for ‘Another Case’ by Tora opens with a close-up of a dancer in the dark. The song’s throbbing bass and hip-hop drum patterns might briefly have us imagine that this dancer is one of many at a busy club. The song, though, exists in that terribly modern space where it’s clearly inspired by dance music, but if actually played in a club would likely confuse a few people with its irregular beats.

It quickly becomes apparent that the figure we’re watching is doing interpretative dance — realistically the type of dance most suited to the song’s ambiguously abstract rhythms and smoky hints of indie/R&B melody.

This moody darkness eventually gives way to a bright flash in the song’s major key chorus (the change is as bewildering as leaving a club and discovering daylight). The beauty of the song exists in this contrast between light and dark, something the video articulates as we literally alternate between seeing the room as a brightly lit hall and a shadowy space.

This track is the second single from the Byron Bay quartet’s upcoming debut album, ‘Take A Rest’, which is to be released on June 9th via LUSTRE.

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author: Ed Ledsham