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Los Angeles producer RL Grime returns with arguably his most emphatic and impressive offering yet in ‘Stay For It’, which enlists Miguel on vocal duties that delivers impeccable results.

The track builds from a centred focus on the emotive vocals of Miguel that progresses with the brooding partnership shared between the trap influenced percussion and piano. From here RL Grime drops a resounding chorus filled with significant amounts of synth and bass that brings forth a real festival vibe with visions of the incredible live production that we’ve all come to know and love, to a captivating ending filled with desperation in the soundscape through the emotive Miguel preaching ‘Save me from myself, cause I can’t go much longer, I just need your help’.

Not only does this track strengthen the calibre of production for RL Grime, but it allows the platform for Miguel to show a diversity in his vocal ability. It is within ‘Stay For It’ we see an outlay of pure passion in not only the lower end of the vocals where the trademark ‘charismatic swagger’ sound of Miguel is shown, but also at the high end of his range where the vocals take aim at the intensity of the production and win our attention in the mix.

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author: Chris Salce

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