Paris Lain’s new single ‘For You’ starts with electric piano chords quietly washing ashore in a comforting hiss of vinyl crackle. The stage is set for moody, introspective noir&b. Eventually the singer decides to introduce himself on this idyllic scene. He croons the song’s title before starting into a style of singing that incorporates rap’s infamous ‘triplet flow’.

Lain has clearly learnt well from Drake’s ‘OVO Sound’ label, his style perfectly echoes their house-style’s blurring of the lines between R&B and rap. This Baltimore via Lagos singer collaborates here with producer Nicky Quinn who provides effortlessly hard trap beats that provide the support for Lain’s emotional outpourings.

Paris Lain’s buttery-smooth delivery seems destined to leap straight from SoundCloud to slow-jams playlists worldwide.

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author: Ed Ledsham