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With his tousled hair of curly red locks comes a brand spanking new EP for Panama AKA Jarrah McCleary. ‘Hope For Something’ is a five-track body of work that is open, honest and uplifting both in production value and lyrical content. From the moment you press play you are filled with a sense of warmth and hope, and it only builds as the tracks go on.

The opening and title track ‘Hope For Something’ has already racked up the SoundCloud plays, and has an accompanying video to boot. It is anthemic and a really strong way to begin this musical journey. It will bring a smile to your face in a way only inspiration can, and whether Panama has felt a whole heap of inspiration in putting this EP together and it’s translating through to me as a listener, well then I say job very well done sir.

The following two tracks explore the notion of hope a bit deeper, but more the pressure that comes with it. This is then reflected in the somewhat darker productions and melodies. ‘I Watched You Slip’ has a very catchy and likeable chorus whereas ‘The Highs’ definitely gives me those underground house vibes with a fluttering flute to lighten the mood. Quite the contrast to the first two tracks.

I am hooked on ‘Undertow’; it’s one of my new favourite songs that I am going to tell all of my friends about! Not only does it sound reminiscent to LA band LANY, it’s just got that air to it that connects me to the euphoria. When Panama released this song he said,

“This song is about my experience in losing a loved one. It’s still a painful thing to write or talk about. I had no way of talking about it to anyone at the time so I decided to write my thoughts down and somehow it became a song. I guess it’s about me trying to reach out to that person and talk to them.”

Couldn’t have articulated that feeling any better! We’ve all been there.

Closing out the EP is ‘Your Love (Lift Us Up)’ which even though has a brooding melody, is still quite bright in its intention. Just the way the EP opened with a sense of hope, it too closes with a sense of ambition for what’s to come. I think this EP says a lot about where Panama is at in his personal development and to have him share that with us through his music is what any listener longs for and respects.

Thank you Panama for finding the joy and giving a fresh perspective on some of those things which become hard to speak about.

‘Hope For Something’ is available everywhere now via Future Classic.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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