As Jez from “Peep Show” once said, “Politics doesn’t have to be boring. Moby’s stuff is political. I think.”

In recent years, Moby’s work has become even more explicitly political than before. Like much of the Western world, his sense of the urgency of political meaning has been accelerated by the worrying mainstreaming of the far right.

Moby has once again teamed with the video director Steve Cutts for the video for “In This Cold Place”. The video depicts a man’s life, from childhood to old age, sat in front of a television set that shows cartoon-ised versions of the corruption around us. We see riffs on familiar characters that get abused by the cruelty of a world that is set up to benefit the white, male upper-class.

Likely to be of particular note is Donald Trump depicted as a kind of anime Mecha-robot housed in a dollar sign that not so subtly resembles a swastika. The track itself is as icy a song as its title suggests with its synth-punk textures and hollow harmonies a far cry from the chillout electronica of his early work.

“In This Cold Place” is the first single from the album ‘More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse’, which is out everywhere now, including a free download right here.

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author: Ed Ledsham

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