London beauty FEMME has gifted us with a spicy new track that will have your weekend starting earlier than 4pm on a Friday.

‘Fire With Fire’ is an eclectic track bringing together the sweet sounds of pop-electronica and glimpses of tropical house. It’s funky fresh with a real grunge feel to the productions, and a sassiness to her vocals.

“I keep pushing myself to go somewhere new. My writing process is to start with a beat, and programme a bassline. My production is so intertwined with my writing process I wouldn’t be able to do it not in that driver’s seat. This is just me flexing my muscles in a different direction,” she said.

This is the first single from FEMME’s yet-to-be-titled second album, due for release early next year. Here is a woman and an artist who shows growth each and every time she creates music. While others may find this a challenge, FEMME strives for greatness, which is emphasised in this song.

“‘Fire With Fire’ is about facing a challenge and picking a fight. It celebrates squaring up to your fears, staring straight down the barrel and letting the world know you’re not about to be steamrolled,” Femme said.

It’s really easy to visualise a video to this track; I’m seeing something edgy and sexy. Here’s hoping she creates something to visually compliment the art pop song!

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author: Kara Bertoncini