My girl FEMME released her ‘Debutante’ album a couple of months ago (see our review here), but now we have a tasty music video for ‘Fire With Fire’ directed by Ben Mahon.

Set in your typical American style diner is a Pink Lady’s inspired FEMME giving us those Frenchy vibes from “Grease”. While she isn’t a part of the narrative, we do see an elderly woman of the same inspiration take on a man in a chilli eating competition.

“Director Ben Mahon took this initial idea of a dystopian chilli eating competition and ran with it, and together I think we’ve realised one of my best videos to date. The song is about picking a fight and squaring up to a challenge, letting the world know you’re not about to be steamrolled – it’s cheeky and a little bit twisted. Just like this video,” FEMME said.

Let’s just say the man does not cope and breaks out into a hot sweat. It’s actually a really funny role reversal. Whether he’s just passed out or dead at the end is unclear, but she’s clearly seen to have more than one victim.

I love FEMME’s uniquely creative prowess and I can’t wait for more videos, which show more of her artistic side.

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author: Kara Bertoncini