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Geelong singer/songwriter Evangeline releases her highly-anticipated debut EP ‘Atelophobia’, which delves into an emotional rollercoaster full of energy and surprise with concise production.

Following on from a quite impressive 2016 which saw ‘My Kingdom – William Black Remix’ reach over 3 million streams on Spotify, as well as some feature performances in France and a record deal with Polydor, ‘Atelophobia’ sees Evangeline stay true to her storytelling nature of love and heartache through a multidimensional platform of dance, electronica and RNB.

‘Take Me Home’ carries a haunted feel throughout the duration of the track, beginning with echoed piano accompanied with restrained percussion playing second to the mesmerising reverbed double vocals from Evangeline that crescendos to an emphatic EDM influenced chorus filled with copious amounts of bass and synth that brings forth an abrupt yet crisp banger momentum.

‘Monster’ carries the 80’s dance floor filler flag for the EP. With a heavy backbone filled with electronic bass carrying the groove, the track is enlightened with a resounding snare that commands a presence throughout. Evangeline’s restrained sampled vocals that bleed through the chorus, combined with the vigorous repeated lines of ‘It’s the monster’ really emphasize the ‘frightened’ context of the song which is captured with significant ease. ‘Monster’ cleverly confines itself towards the latter half of the song with a breakdown that draws echoes to The Weekend ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, but before you know it you’ve been given one more chance to lose yourself to that driving dance beat.

The highlight of the EP lies in the electronic ballad ‘Hurting Me’. Evangeline’s captivating ability to break down emotive context into a clever narrative is most evident in this one, as the songstress depicts hardships and suffering through utilizing both the intriguing lower end and penetrating high end of her vocal range. Substantial amounts of static and fuzz, coupled with trap influence in the percussion carry the intensity through the chorus, as well as a crafty contrast with guest vocals from Sam Burtt of Residual that further adds to the suffering nature of the track with splashes of real grunt throughout.

Evangeline shows all sides of her artillery in this very impressive debut EP, brilliantly taking on different genres and beautiful melodies with simplicity and proving she is a force to be reckoned with in 2017.

‘Atelophobia’ is out now through Polydor France & Sad Boy Records, and fans can catch Evangeline live in Sydney on Friday July 21st at The World Bar.

Rating: ★★★★


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author: Chris Salce

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