This right here is straight fiyah!

As part of the new wave of hip-hop artists coming through, Brisbane lad Erik Sanders dropped his latest single ‘Mission’, which is a wonderful combination of tantalising trap productions and smooth electronica fluttering through.

There is an air of confidence that comes through this track, especially in the vocals; they draw from that American style hip-hop playing with auto tune R&B licks. The song goes pretty deep considering the state of play in his life at the time of writing.

“When I made this song I was going through the process of distancing myself from the disingenuous people in my life. I was starting to understand who my real friends were, and who were really willing to ride this journey out with me,” he said.

There’s plenty more where this came from. Bring it on I say!

Get it now on One Love Recordings imprint, WVS.

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author: Kara Bertoncini