I am obsessed with Melbourne duo ALTA. I discovered them a couple of years ago, and they have been on the up ever since. Their music has so much international appeal but knowing they’re home-grown is just f&*#ng awesome.

‘Fix It’ is a sultry, 80s synth-pop inspired track strengthened by Hannah Lesser’s signature attitude-filled vocals. I just haven’t heard a voice like hers; it kinda sounds lazy, but it’s so entrancing and mature beyond her years. With production by the ever so eclectic Julius Dowson, there’s no wonder this track is both unique and catchy.

The Hamish Mitchell directed video is simple but really suits the vibe. It’s a series of home-style videos of the duo (more so Lesser) traipsing around Melbourne town, but it’s the way it’s cut together that gives it a raw and edgy aesthetic.

ALTA have a lot of great performances coming up including VIVID Music’s Women in Electronic Music Showcase on Friday night, and then they’ll be joining KILTER on his national album tour.

You want to see these guys live; they take experimental dance-pop to places you’ve never been before – sonically speaking!

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author: Kara Bertoncini