Anna of the North – ‘Lovers’ [Video]

The Norweigan-Kiwi duo Anna Of The North brings the vibes on their new track and accompanying video for ‘Lovers’. Featuring a beautiful red backdrop and a room full of young beautiful people, this clip is a great example of a simple premise and great execution. It encompasses youthful passion while coming from a real place.

The track itself is great, bringing that soulful energy that would feel at home with acts such as The Kite String Tangle or Vallis Alps, sitting in the pocket between chill indie banger and under the radar pop song. It’s the simplicity of Anna of the North that is extremely catchy and approachable, as well as her innocent and yearning voice that carries waves of emotion with ease.

Ultimately, Anna Of The North is no stranger to many, as the up and coming duo has garnered hype on previous releases and is set to impress in on their debut album of the same name, ‘Lovers’ which is due out on September 8th via Different Recordings.

Exciting times for a duo that has impressed from day one.

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author: Hobey Bennett

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