Luke Faas – ‘Apathy’ [EP REview]

The exciting new Norwegian artist Luke Faas gives us his debut EP ‘Apathy’, presentiing a neatly produced cut of new age RnB that is so tightly pieced together. He places himself on the same stage next to heavy weights like Nick Murphy, while putting on that Dirty Projectors spin that impresses from track to track.

Starting with an eclectic ‘Intro’, into the title track ‘Apathy’ that both glisten with soulful stabs and bloopy synths to create a dense soundscape, that his intriguing lyrics sit on like a cloud. With really vast instrumental and a less is more approach to mixing, his voice really shines through with an honesty that is obvious on every track.

Going into the more reminiscent, standout track ‘Why Bother’ that has pop hooks that are tastier on every listen and a chorus that is reminiscent of Julias Moon or RUFUS, who’s staggered entry is a joy every time it kicks in. I love the enjoyably disinterested tone that seems to be the anchor to his vocal style, that feels so approachable and familiar.

‘Should’ve Seen It’ is a much more soulful moment and launches with spacey keys, while æAll Downhill’ carries a tidal wave of emotional energy with some really great tension and clever song structures and a cheeky guitar solo that could be from The 1975.

Luke Faas is incredibly intriguing, and his ‘Apathy EP’ is such an awesome introduction to an artist that seems to be on the cutting edge.

Rating: ★★★★

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