Win and Woo are paying homage to their hometown this week as they release their latest single ‘Chicago’, along with Los Angeles-based/Chicago-bred artist Bryce Fox for his stellar vocal and lyric work.

“The theme of the song revolves around the need for love regardless of struggle. The city of Chicago has provided comfort for Bryce and ourselves for most of our lives. We feel this track can relate to people on many levels, whether it be a lost relationship, a war torn world, or daily life struggles. And when we do move on to the next chapter of our lives (as Bryce already has made the move to LA), Chicago will always be here for us.” – Win and Woo

We’ve all felt lost at some point in our lives, and we all have that certain place that makes everything feel like it’s all going to okay. Let’s go there now inside our minds with Win and Woo.

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