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At first glance, the name of the EP alludes to nothing; I have no idea what it means it just simply peaks my curiosity. It took every ounce of me not to Google it because I wanted the music to speak for itself first. As soon as I pressed play there was a real familiarity to Will Morgan’s sound, and this debut four-track EP is a bold indication of his direction and creativity. Opening with ‘Roses’ is a smart move; it’s charming allure will lap you in with its dream-funk vibes. I encourage a slow groove in your lounge room with your eyes closed to really let it sink in. Hands down my favourite track off the EP. There’s something really powerful in Morgan’s second track ‘Beauty in Sound’. The title really speaks for itself and I truly believe this is a mantra that reflects Morgan’s musical vision. The 23-year-old’s ability to marry well thought out compositions and lyrics shows his forward-thinking long-term vision as an artist. As ‘Heart in Me’ follows, it genuinely feels like Rufus Wainwright has entered the building. A simple piano melody and Morgan’s vocals make for a breathtaking track that will have you gasping for air. And that falsetto! Divine. Rounding out the EP on a high is coincidentally ‘Float’, a club-grinding track that will have you working up a top lip sweat. The syncopated snares give a cutting edge feel to what is quite an underground sound. I dig it a lot. Now, the EP’s title. I Googled it after listening to the full EP and it turns out, it’s a suburb in New South Wales as well as the state flower. Learning everyday guys! The only real connection I can make is that this is where Morgan grew up, and it’s his way of paying homage to his home given he now lives in London. Metaphorically, just the way a flower blooms, so too will this young artist.

Rating: ★★★

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author: Kara Bertoncini


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