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I’m sure Lil Yachty has done much in the last year to rejuvenate the crusty image of sailing. In the rapper’s vision, maritime pursuits exist in a hyper-coloured world of pretty women and endless parties. Luckily Vince Staples has returned to remind us that a life devoted to the sea mostly involves soul-crushing solitude, as well as sinking ships … and sharks. ‘Big Fish’, Staples’s latest banger, is possibly his most typically ‘West Coast’ track yet. Over a beat straight out of DJ Mustard’s playbook he tells us a typically Vince story about his attempts to keep his sanity afloat in a toxic environment. The David Helman directed video cleverly elaborates that this track is Staples’s distress signal as he surveys his mental horizons in search of rescue. Unfortunately for the rapper, there are likely as many sharks in the waters of rap stardom as in the hood. Here’s hoping he achieves plain sailing yet.

‘Big Fish’ is the second single from the just announced ‘Big Fish Tales’ album, to be released June 23rd.

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author: Ed Ledsham

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