A few weeks ago we shared a very cool cover of Drake’s 2011 album-track ‘Good Ones Go’ by Australian singer-songwriter Vanessa Elisha and US producer XXYYXX, and luckily for us these guys didn’t stop there.

This week Vanessa Elisha has a brand new original single to share with us called ‘Dark & Lonely’, which once again has her working with XXYYXX for his incredible production skills, and they have certainly outdone themselves.

XXYYXX sure does have a knack for creating a lush electro-RnB tapestry of sound, and Vanessa’s voice is the perfect accompaniment with its silky-smooth presence and emotionally driven and lyricism.

“The song itself can mean a bunch of different things to different people. For me, it’s about being comfortable as an introverted loner, and the judgement that comes from that. It’s about changing moods, changing tides, pushing people away, bringing them back in, being happy in loneliness, being sad in loneliness – the ramblings of a girl trying to figure her shit out really,” – Vanessa Elisha

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‘Dark & Lonely’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & iTunes, where you’ll also find the above mentioned cover of Drake’s, ‘Good Ones Go’.

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