‘Love Is A Bitch’ & ‘Had Some Drinks’ are the latest singles from New York City artist Two Feet, which are just as bluesy, bold and troubled as the material on his 2016 ‘First Steps EP’, and are also just the first taste of his upcoming ‘Momentum EP’.

I have a grave affinity for the blues and I find it quite refreshing to listen to it in a contemporary form that feels more natural than forced but still finds its own identity with the help of modern percussive sounds and elusive song-writing. The stripped down sounds throughout the two releases reveal as much as its lyrics do; “I promise myself not to slip back on old habit/Cause’ heartbreak is savvy and love is a bitch” from “Love Is A Bitch”. Guitars weep at a slow, tantalizing pace over electronic percussions; the whole stir feels honest and simple with the entrusted emotion feeling troubled and haunted.

Two Feet’s new singles are an ode to love-desperate love but a ‘cool’ love-that refuses to seize. A relentless inner pursuit of the person in question. You hear it in the guitars that sing a yearning melody in the chorus. You feel it in his quiet, yet very present vocal tones that simultaneously weave a sense of desire and apathy. Two Feet is not hopeful about his feelings in these tracks, nor is it pessimistic, he’s not intent on any resolve, he is simply content in acknowledging his demons and taking us along for the ride.

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author: 6oldfinch

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