Dayuuuuum!!! London hearththrob SAKIMA is in the building ladies and gents, and he is not messin’ about! His ‘Facsimile EP’ is every bit a statement to “normalising gay narratives within pop music”, and I could not be more impressed.

In his description on SoundCloud he had this to say:

“When making this EP it was critical to create songs that could act as a counterbalance to the unequal representation of gay stories within popular music. I’m sharing all of my insecurities, sexual experiences and youth without leaving anything behind, and without disguising those parts of myself in rhetoric. It’s the first time that I’ve truly been around people in the music industry who just accept me for who I am as a person and as an artist, and I can finally release this work that is so important to me and that I believe is important to popular music. And in terms of this mission of normalising gay narratives within pop music, I’m only just getting started.”

Everything about these four tracks is honest and pure of intent. He’s singing about things we all experience, whether you’re gay, straight bi or otherwise, but this is the power of music; the lyrics and messages transcend and leave an imprint.

I’m a straight woman with plenty of gay and fluid friends, so to me these topics aren’t taboo or make me feel uncomfortable, but the fact that SAKIMA is bringing this conversation to the mainstream is incredible.

To most listeners, they’re going to be instantly attracted to the new-school American inspired productions, and the perfect blend of electronica and R&B. There is such a pulsating and sexual energy that comes through each of the tracks, but it’s not sleazy in any way. It’s an energy that anyone can relate to and that most gravitate towards.

When you really hone into the lyrics, that’s where the magic lies. SAKIMA is a storyteller; these are his personal memoirs. To most, you’d think how courageous and admirable to share them with the world. But let’s be real, we all love a bit of sex and dim sum action!

This is an impressive body of work that’s really going to leverage SAKIMA into the spotlight. I hope he’s ready because aside from his mission, the guy is actually a genuine talent. #WatchThisSpace

Rating: ★★★★

SAKIMA’s ‘Facsimile EP’ is available everywhere now via Moving Castle.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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