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This has been one of the most talked about night’s out between my bestie and I for a while. My late teens and early twenties were filled with the glorious albums that were Ministry of Sound so to be able to share a night with these iconic DJs was pretty surreal. Waiting for my bestie outside “The Forum” was the best chance for me to gauge what sort of crowd and night I was in for. I was dressed for comfort in my jeans, Converse kicks and a party shirt but clearly I missed the memo on sexy dresses and heels. LOL. What I noticed most though were the big groups of friends making this a night to remember. It was as if this was a reunion for them as much as it was a reunion of the music; quite a nice sentiment really. I could hear the doof doof from inside and when I entered I just burst out laughing! Not for any good reason other than that I just loved that this was actually happening! The crowd was the biggest mixed bag of lollies I’ve seen at a gig. There were young and old, but mostly old(er). This was the music they would have clubbed to in their prime yet now they’re married and probably have kids. The average age was easily 35 but I loved that so much! This was a night out for them to relive their youth, bust out the dance moves they once slayed the dance floor with and sing along to the bangers! The line-up was spot on with Goodwill, Riot in Belgium, Bang Gang DJ’s, John Course and headlining act Sneaky Sound System. I was 100% there for them and I’m telling you, they lived up to every expectation I had. I’d never seen them before but holy moly – they were outstanding. They had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand, singing along to every track and raging! With Black Angus on decks and Connie Mitchell absolutely showing us that she is one of this country’s best vocalists and performers, their hour-long set could have entertained us until the wee hours of the morning. While my night out cutting shapes on the sticky d floor to these songs that conjure up so many memorable times for me, I’d just like to remind a few of you that it is NOT okay to fart in a mosh pit! Have you not learned yet?! And for a bit of a pick me up, don’t head to bar which has a line ass long; step out (because yes there were pass outs!) and go get yourself a crepe from the little creperie on Swanston St! A little sugar never hurt nobody, plus you’re dancing off the calories! It’s win win really! I hope these Ministry of Sound Reunion Tours keep their presence over the years because it symbolises so much more than just good music. It is a time for us to reminisce on the old times, think about who were, who we are, and who we want to be.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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