We’ve been keeping a close eye on US artist LuvAbstract over the last 12 months, and this week he has delivered what may be his best release to date.

It’s called ‘Risk’ and it has a very smooth, electro-RnB groove that is so very easy to bounce along to as you try to join in on the chorus for a good old sing-along. It’s also all about promiscuity and how readily available hot sex is these days, as it explores the swag within us all.

“This song is about two strangers who meet at a bar just before going home together for a one night stand. The first verse is a conversation between the two strangers. The guy flirtatiously challenges the girl by telling her that he can go home with any girl he wants so, what makes her so special. The girl playfully replies by telling him that’s not really impressive because she can have any guy she wants so, what makes him so special. The verse is supposed to show that the two strangers have met their match for the night.”  – LuvAbstract

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‘Risk’ is now available on Spotify & iTunes / Apple Music, and I’d suggest you all start following LuvAbstract now so that you can say you were a fan before the hype.

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