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When a video starts by giving me a big smooch, I’m in! ‘Tis the season of red; red lipstick, red clothing, red hair rollers – all red everything, The Rasmus Petersen directed video explores various storylines that feel very Napoleon Dynamite-esque to me, which is not a bad thing. ‘I Wanna Be Free’ comes fresh from Danish duo GENTS’ debut album, and is a heartfelt work where film and lyric join forces to lend a helping hand. “The fragmented collage-style is an interesting visual companion to the song, in which you’re thrown directly into lots of different situations and contexts. There are so many different characters and narratives seen in brief snippets that you can continue to pursue for yourself. That’s one of the best things about both music and film – that you can keep dreaming up the rest of the story, and make it your own. Everybody longs for freedom and ‘I Wanna Be Free’ is a bit of support – a helping hand for those still searching,” GENTS said. The title says it all with the motif coming through the visuals in highly emotive and art filled ways. It’s quite a provocatively strange video but nonetheless keeps me interested the whole way through. It’s also definitely worth sticking around until the end. Quite an enlightening image to finish on.

The GENTS album ‘About Time’ is streaming now via Spotify.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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