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Over the last few years Australian artist Vanessa Elisha has been seen working alongside some pretty great producers like Different Sleep, Salute, GXNXVS and XXYYXX. This week Vanessa Elisha is returning to the lime-light with a very cool cover of Drake’s ‘Good Ones Go’, as she once again teams up with Los Angeles heavyweight XXYYXX for his incredible production skills. Now any real Drake fan would know that ‘Good Ones Go’ isn’t actually a full song, but in-fact an interlude that follows-on from the track ‘Cameras’ in his 2011 ‘Take Care’ album. And I’m sure they’ll also agree that Vanessa’s interpretation is quite a unique standout from all of the other Drake covers out there! “So many people cover Drake and I didn’t want to be corny about it, but the more I worked on it the cooler it got. This is definitely one of my favourite Drake vocal and lyrical performances,” Vanessa Elisha

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‘Good Ones Go’ is now available on Spotify & iTunes, where you can check out Vanessa Elisha & XXYYXX’s other releases – also stay tuned for a brand new original track from them very soon!

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