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‘5 Day Mischon’ is that latest release from London musician Tom Misch, a five-track collection of tunes that were recorded over a period of five consecutive days in his bedroom with the likes of Carmody, Novelist, Tobie Tripp, Kaidi Akinniibi and Will Heard – settle down, get your mind out of the gutter! They were making music! “I’m working hard on my album but there will be a little wait so in the meantime I wanted to go back to my roots and create new songs and release them as quickly as possible, working with a few collaborators and musicians I really rate and just seeing what happens over the course of 5 days. Big love to everyone involved in the project and my mum Carol Misch for the artwork.” – Tom Misch These daily recording sessions were also live streamed and this is a short behind the scenes teaser of what went down.

You can get in on the ‘5 Day Mischon’ action yourselves (digitally of course) via Beyond The Groove.

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