If you haven’t become acquainted with New Zealand rapper TAPZ, I can assure you you won’t forget him now.

With his latest single ‘Run Don’t Run’ getting its premiere on triple j’s Good Nights with Linda Marigliano, TAPZ is fast becoming the one to look out for.

His progressive rap stylings are very in tune with those being explored in the US with a beautiful darkness to his R&B vocals. In the accompanying video to the track, the chase is on.

“The video is a visual representation of my journey to find fearlessness in a system where we are taught to run and act without question,” he said.

The start gives us those Burning Man fire-blazing images then, as the thrill-seeking run begins, we understand the battle being fought. It’s a very empowering and catchy tune, and I predict very big things to come for this artist.

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author: Kara Bertoncini