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There are some talented AF artists out there but this guy has certainly grabbed my attention. And he’s that cool he doesn’t even have a Facebook artist page yet… crazy! REAPER is a 19-year-old LA based artist by the name of JJ Scheff who is making sexy motherfucking electronica. I’m extremely glad he left his engineering job to focus on bringing this project to life because this is where he needs to devote his time and talents. “At the time I was working an Assistant Engineer under a mentor of mine. This was the first time I was singing on my own production. There was this intense gratification in finishing a track that I had written, performed and produced. For the first time it actually felt like I was adding value to the arts; my own perspective embodied within the music. Next thing I knew I was three tracks in to what would inevitably become the “REAPER EP.” I left the engineer job and began working full time on bringing the project to fruition,” he said. With the release of his debut self-titled EP you are invited to 20-ish minutes of a purely blissful original body of work that explores the social constructs of growing up in Salt Lake City, as well as those classic relationship woes. Without a doubt, the opening track ‘Funeral’ is my favourite and a direction I hope REAPER continues to explore. It’s a strong way to introduce this EP with his laid-back raps and grimy trap beats matching perfectly. Interestingly, there is a very similar feel and sound to Aussie rapper Allday; a collab between the two would actually be something pretty special. As the following three tracks flow on we hear a softer, more subdued side to REAPER. It almost feels like soulful stoner music, which, even though I’m into more of the first half, I feel completely at ease. There’s a real maturity in the productions and given the earthy raps in the opening track, I didn’t expect such eargasmic vocals. REAPER is what the Beach Boys would sound like if they were born in the 90s and grew to make music in the 21st century. Press play on track one to tease your lover and let the natural flow of the EP lead your lovemaking session. [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/reaperwave/sets/reaper-ep[/soundcloud]

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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