The latest offering from multi-instrumentalist/producer Mammals titled ‘Chase Your Bliss’ provides an intriguing focus on contemplativeness and emotive angst in the form of clever indie/electronica.

Following on from feature supports with the likes of PNAU, Chrome Sparks & Elizabeth Rose, and an impressive 9 million streams on Spotify for the Goldroom track ‘Till Sunrise’, this release from Mammals sees more influence of varied percussive grooves that play second to the captivating reverbed vocals in each track.

The introductory track ‘Invertebrate’ begins as an emotive slow burner, fuelled heavily by the ambience of the electronic guitar and off-kilter percussion. From here, the intensity builds further through the choral nature of the backing vocals combined with a full band accompaniment that allows for a near 5-minute preview of what is left to come.

‘Ghosts’ provides the perfect podium for the vocals to take centre stage, as the space created through the pulsating bass line and minimal percussion allows for this welcomed precedence to occur. The mood shifts instantly once the element of distortion carries through the end half of the track, which is brilliantly coupled with the scarce synthesizers to create an emphatic ending that leaves you wanting more.

Significant groove is achieved within ‘Depths’, a welcomed change of pace to the release. What carries this ‘head bopping’ nature through the track lies within varied elements that come to play: the ultra-smooth bassline, restrained vocals that lead into charismatic falsetto melody and the splashes of swagger that move through the guitar.

‘Chase Your Bliss’ is a testament to the overall production of Mammals, and highlights significant depth within the composition to provide a unique take on the indie/electronica realm.

Rating: ★★★★

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author: Chris Salce

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