I’m ashamed to say it but I don’t think I’d ever heard of Louis The Child before this EP but as I listened to it, there was a familiarity to their songs. Either way, I can assure you I will now stay tuned to what these boys are up to. And so should you!

Chicago boys Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett met five years ago at a Madeon concert, and what has unfolded since has been an amazing journey; “Dreams have come true in front of our eyes,” they said.

Their newly released six-track EP ‘Love Is Alive’ is a landmark body of work for the duo. Not only is it a refreshing take on soulful electronica, it is bound for commercial success. In fact, the EP is already in the Top 10 US iTunes charts for Electronic Albums.

“We feel it’s a great representation of Louis The Child and what we want to do with our music. We’re incredibly excited to share it with you and continue to release more music,” they said.

I had a listen to some of their earlier releases and there was certainly an array of hard-hitting bangers, but this collection of music shows their growth and openness to experiment with new sounds, chilled synths and genres.

“We’ve grown a lot and are continuing to try new things and experiment. We’ve started to focus more on songwriting and feel we’re now capturing the true Louis The Child sound. We feel our sound has no boundaries, and we want to make music that feels pure and happy to us. Our sound has changed a bit, but we love everything we’re making, so we hope you will to,” they said.

‘Go’ is a great opener and playful way to reintroduce Louis The Child to the world, especially with Kennett on vocals. Moving into ‘Fire’ is where the EP really starts to lift. This anthemic track, which features vocals by Evalyn, is definitely one to have on repeat; it’s empowering and gutsy. No wonder it’s already clocked nearly 16 million plays on Spotify!

‘Slow Down’ brings those tropical house vibes, which I pine for so much. With sexy vocals by Chelsea Cutler and more gritty productions, this is a track you want to have ready for your summer Sunday sessions playlist. ‘Phone Died’ is such a hilarious song! Who’d have thought singing about your phone dying, such a mundane topic, and all the frustrations that come with it would come together in such a cool vibe. Rapper blaise railey is a great storyteller and actually had me responding out loud, “Yes! I know right!” A fun track for the weekend playlist.

Bringing the BPM right down is a soulfully seductive track called ‘World on Fire’ featuring vocals by Ashe. It has a very Lily Allen kind of sound this one; quirky and cushy with beautiful piano melodies and strings – a real delight amidst the EP. Closing out the six tracks is feel-good track ‘Love is Alive’ with vocals by Elohim. Providing the warm fuzzy feels in the chorus is a nice contrast to the somewhat darker productions and echoing vocal scorings.

Each artist featured on this EP has been perfectly selected. If Louis The Child wanted to make their mark and establish to the world their newfound sound, then they have done it. I’m really excited to see what else they start releasing, and I hope they make their way to Australia sometime soon.

Rating: ★★★★

‘Love Is Alive EP’ is available everywhere now via Ultra Records.

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author: Kara Bertonicini