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Picture this: I’m driving down the highways of Victoria to Red Hill enjoying the beautiful landscapes, windows open, sun shining and the soundtrack keeping me company is Deorro’s new album, ‘Good Evening’. What happened for that hour of my drive changed me, and somehow I feel a deeper connection to electronic music and the man behind Deorro. It all started out so nicely – an intro with strings and brooding synths, transitioning between symphonic anthems and melodic gems of sweet electronica. As each interlude takes you seamlessly to the next track, there’s a gut-wrenching sort of feeling that brews within (and no it’s not the need for a road trip pit stop)! Deorro has created suspense and drama, filling you up with intense emotion; a feeling I’ve actually never experienced before with this kind of music. Everything flipped though when the ‘Prove It’ interlude turned into ‘Butt Naked’. My serene feelings were obliterated, thrown out the window, and when the bass dropped well – it was all over! My love story had now turned into one of the most epic solo car rave sessions I’ve ever had. This is machine electronica at its best with all of its gunmetal productions and shrieking trebles. Just when you think the album peaks and is on the descent easing you into a nice stretch, it goes all the way up again with the final two tracks. I’m telling you, this album will have you up down, inside out and all around. This is probably not the greatest album to have playing while driving, but more on that in a sec. I’m super impressed with the album as a whole. Deorro has managed to make me feel all of the highs and lows especially with stand out tracks ‘Find a Way’, ‘Feeling Pretty Good’ and ‘Tell Me Lies’. However there were a few tracks that peaked my interest more so than other. Press play on ‘Rise and Shine’ if you’re wanting some big band glory, ‘Bailar’ for a Latin influence, ‘Drumline’ purely for its drum line sample, and ‘Bomba’ for its uncanny sounding sample of N.E.R.D’s ‘Rockstar’. Please note however, that this may not be the best album to play on straight country roads. Why you ask? Let’s just say I think I got caught by a speed camera. Dammit Deorro! Too many bangers got me all excited and unaware of what speed I was doing. Fancy splitting it 50/50 with me?! Or taking the points?!

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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