Joe Goddard – Electric Lines [Album Review]

‘Electric Lines’ is the new album from prolific producer, Joe Goddard. Presenting an album full of vibe, ‘Electric Lines’ sums up the charm of the idealistic tastemaker. This album’s moods leap from housey highs, to reminiscent melodramatic lows. All while connecting the impressive musical contour with signature simplicity that has left Goddard so successful in projects past.

Starting with the apt ‘Ordinary Madness’, which oozes with cloudy keys and trickling arps, and also features a galloping chorus that is extremely easy to engage with. The album then travels to a more progressive realm, with ‘Lose Your Love’ and ‘Lasers’, who together sandwich the groovy deep cut ‘Home’.

Following the euphoric ‘Children’, is the reflective and glimmering ‘Truth is Light’, which features some more of the impressive synth layering that Joe Goddard makes the keystone of the album. ‘Electric Lines’ then finishes strong with the reflective title track with help from Hot Chip band mate Alexis Taylor along with the irresistible pop cut ‘Music is the answer’.

On the whole, ‘Electric Lines’ proves to be a great resume for the talent the English producer easily beckons in all he lays his capable hands on. It’s hard to overestimate Joe Goddard’s prowess and this formidable album is another great display of the english tastemaker’s creative strength.

Rating: ★★★★

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author: Hobey Bennett

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