Melbourne rapping collective Remi is back and seriously making me hungry! Dammit Rem!

The latest track off their ‘Divas & Demons’ album to have visual wonder brought to it is an ode to getting baked. ‘Contact Hi/High/I’, which features Hiatus Kaiyote’s Silent Jay, quite literally has taken a hazy, stoner concept for the video.

Perhaps Remi is about to become our own Action Bronson prodigy and create his own cooking show? Actually, maybe not considering we see Remi burn his first batch of hash cookies. #WheresMarthaStewartAt

The song itself is super mellow and very much a chiller, so the fact that the video shows a more playful and cheeky side is the perfect way to establish the true intent behind it all. Remi says of this song:

“I wrote this joint when I was living out of home. One of my friends once told me: ‘In Australia we have it so good, we’re afforded the liberty to stay childish for our whole lives.’ Whether through drinking culture, drug culture, consumerism etc. I kinda noticed this in myself and wanted to just write about my childish mentality, and how it was being validated by my vices.”

Word on the street is that Remi will be announcing more tour dates soon so we can expect another huge 2017 for the pair. Can’t wait boys!

PS. I am loving Remi’s mini fro!

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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