There’s nothing I appreciate more in an artist than their ability to wear their heart on their sleeve. UK producer Astronomyy has released his latest EP Rest In Paradise, a beautiful body of work that explores the depths of a relationship in five tracks.

If ever there was a one-man boy band, this guy is it. Vocally, he is a combination of Troye Sivan and Paul Klein of LANY bringing those airy and dreamy pop tones to what he has coined as guitar’n’b. Clever cookie!

The opening track ‘Hypnotise’ sets a darker mood for the EP with layered guitars and brooding vocals. This quickly changes as ‘Things I’d Do For You’ takes on a more playful and chill vibe, conjuring images of two lovers in a state of euphoria.

As you reach third track ‘Don’t Need You’ it’s easy to identify Astronomyy’s broad ranging soundscape from electro-pop, and melodic dance to soothing R&B. It’s this genre blurring that makes this EP a pleasure to listen to, and to appreciate each track for what they are.

The final two tracks ‘Everythin’ On My Mind’ and ‘Rest In Paradise’ round out the journey of this EP quite nicely. The penultimate track has a head-banging quality to it and gives me that tormented love kind of feeling. As you transition into the title track, it’s got this light at the end of the tunnel feeling allowing you to settle and feel at peace.

Astronomyy said of his EP that it “signifies the end of a chapter in my personal life and my musical journey, solidifying it but leaving enough room to hint at the future.”

There are many facets to this producer and I very much look forward to what’s on the horizon for him. I’ll be paying close attention, that’s for sure.

Rating: ★★★☆

‘Rest In Paradise’ is out now through Astronomyy.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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