I’ll be honest; I’m a Brooklyn girl at heart so when an artist comes on my radar and they hail from that great city, they’ve already won some brownie points with me.

Asante Phenix has just released his latest project ‘Hi Tech // Lo Life’ which is a body of work that explores the heartbreak of a past relationship. Haven’t we all been there?! This six-track ep sees collaborator Kindergartner and Asante shed light on new-school productions, meshing together those warm electronic synths with textured R&B tones.

I seriously love this EP. I love everything about it. It’s original, it’s honest, and it’s so well crafted musically that I am able to create visual imagery of my own about the events of this love story. Don’t even get me started on Asante’s gorgeous vocals! The perfect balance of smooth, deep vocal resonance paired with the percussive synths and grimy 808s are what elevate this EP and will have you spiralling into the Asante Phenix musical vortex.

Often, the order of tracks isn’t as cohesive for a listener but the structure of this project flows right from the opening track ‘Luna’ until the final track ‘ Katana’. ‘Space’ is quite a pivotal moment on the EP as Asante really puts himself and his feelings out there. I’d call it a diss track, but maybe that’s a little harsh? Either way, he’s definitely calling this girl out for using him as a stepping-stone to further her own career. #NotCool

‘Jungle’ is a real anthem out of all the tracks. It’s euphoric and uplifting as Asante serenades us with his creamy vocals exclaiming that he is the king, able to take us to places we’ve never been. I’m down for that adventure!

The “you snooze you lose track” ‘Neverland’ is heaven! The girl he’s singing about clearly fucked up and missed out on what life could have been like with him, but no doubt his queen is still out there. He is right though when he sings, “I bet you’ll miss me when I’m gone”. There’s always that one that got away isn’t there.

The final two tracks ‘Last Nite’ and ‘Katana’ round out this story nicely, especially ‘Katana’. The oriental soundscapes trickled throughout this track make for an exotic mix to the already well-explored worlds of electronic and R&B stylings.

This is a new direction and sound for Asante Phenix compared to his last ep ‘Chamber’. I gotta say, I love where he’s going and I want more! Please.

Rating: ★★★★

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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