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While doing the usual Monday morning scroll through my Soundcloud feed today, I came across this little gem from two of Australia’s finest, Allday and Japanese Wallpaper, and boy was it an unexpected surprise. ‘In Motion’ is the next preview of Allday’s forthcoming sophomore album ‘Speeding’, which has him swapping out his usual rap-style vocal work for some sweet melodies to suit the smooth and daydreamy production of Japanese Wallpaper, and dayum does it work well! ‘Speeding’ will be seeing its release on April 21st alongside eleven other tracks, including a few more neat collabs with Gracelands, Nyne and one of Brisbane’s coolest artists, Mallrat – get your pre-orders in for that now, and Aussie fans can catch Allday around the country this July with special guests Japanese Wallpaper and Nicole Millar.

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