Vallis Alps – Fable EP [Review]

Eclectic Sydney duo Vallis Alps bring us their sophomore release “Fable EP”. A four song collection packed with an impressively high consistency of breathtaking moments.

The EP starts with the melodramatic ‘East’. As the track starts to gently guide you down the soul searching road that is the Vallis Alps, with those simplistic, yet doubtful synths and remorseful melodies, you get hit with hook after hook.

Continuing with ‘Serity’, who’s guide is a more shuffling beat than others on ‘Fable EP’. ‘Serity’ pushes a sombre class of wholesome synths, that are reigned in with another course of impressive hooks. Similarly with ‘Run’, you get more of those trademark glimmering synths, but contrasting with a more progressive flavour of soulful indie.

Then, the ‘Fable EP’ closes out with the favourite, ‘Fading’. Reaching #94 in triple J’s hottest 100 of 2016, ‘Fading’ was a highlight in a strong class of Australian Music in 2016. ‘Fading’ has so many moments where i feel genuinely transported by those daunting musical licks. ‘Fading’ continues to be an example of creative instrumentation, with consistent catchy song writing that leaves you wanting more.

It’s that impressive consistency from Vallis Alps which left me wanting a long series of re-listens. And, listening as objectively as possible, it’s hard to hear any creases or any obvious decision making in the tracks themselves, making them all feel so honest.

‘Fable EP’, is a testament to the mastery of Vallis Alps’ own awesome sound. A sound which is as impressive and deep, as it is catchy and interesting.

‘Fable EP’ is available everywhere this Friday, March 31st.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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author: Hobey Bennett


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