Kidswaste – ‘Spleen EP’ [Review]

‘Spleen’ is the latest release from French indie-chill wizard Kidswaste, as he presents his new five-track collection that sees him working with a cast of talented vocal collaborators, and does easily impress.

From the opening song you can feel that this is a comfortable sound for Kidswaste. There is a really firm honesty in the tracks that really puts you at ease. The keystone ribbon like vocal lines, that rest on silky nourishes of flavourful guitar could accompany your drive home as well as your break up.

‘Spleen’ is never too muddy, as clearly exampled on ‘Wild’. Which features clear acoustic guitar as well as clicky percussion that can carry you to the clever and interesting vocal hook. As well as standout ‘More Colours’ which feature vocal is incredibly accessible, and can bring on that flavour of melancholic chorus that Porter Robinson can also do so well.

Kidswaste can create a net of glimmering licks and bring it home with a sub driven chorus, while maintaining a progressive character that is extremely impressive. A small downfall would be sometimes I could go for a bit less safety in some of the musicality, bearing in mind how underrated simplicity is. ‘Spleen’ is heavily enjoyable at parts and I hope for a longer release for Kidswaste, as this release indicates to me this artists ceiling promises to be high.

Rating: ★★★☆

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author: Hobey Bennett

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