Thalab – ‘A Good Swim EP’ [Review]

Thalab have given us a complete release in ‘A Good Swim EP’. Boasting four pushing, confidence-filled tracks, this EP has some great energy.

The EP blows off some steam right from the start, with the already plauded ‘2 Sails’. As it anchors itself, and throws these ravishing and wavy synths, its extremely easy to be drawn in. And as track two ‘Morning, Before My Plant Dies’ follows, they make a really great case for why they deserve some attention.

The most impressive part, is how the songs seem to always be standing back and they never give you too much. The songs seem to let you sit back, while every slight increment of musicality is like a gift – Thalab can turn on the vibe like a tap.

My personal favourite ‘Good Swim’ has those great eye-opening lyrics that I feel at home with, while having some of the more notable bass line work of this year so far. Reminiscent of recent Tame Impala’s, the bass line and the whole rhythm section hang with some of the more groove intense composition of this year so far.

Thalab have set the bar high for themselves on ‘A Good Swim – EP’. A bar that i believe they will meet with ease in the future.

Rating – ★★★★☆

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author: Hobey Bennett

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