French producer Yuksek returns to the scene with his fourth album ‘Nous Horizon’, a diverse offering of pop, disco and funk influences that are sure to be a late addition to your summer playlist.

After the June release of the ‘Sweet Addiction EP’ reaching an impressive 1 million Spotify streams, as well as remixes for the likes of Lana Del Rey, Phoenix, M83, Gorillaz, & Empire of the Sun, ‘Nous Horizon’ achieves a significant amount of airiness combined with a strong smooth bassline presence that gets you up and about through every listen.

‘Sunrise’ jumps straight into the deep end with dreamy vocals of Kim, leading into an emphatic bass line that is only enhanced with the subtlety of the acoustic guitar within. The production of Yuksek is of the highest quality within this track, as the space created through the vocal reverb tails and the splashes of synth provide a great deal of colour to the soundscape.

‘Break My Heart’ is simplicity at its best, with the minimal introduction of electronic piano and percussive snaps that eventuates into a vocal driven chorus filled with emotional context, with a hint of synth thrown into the equation to give the track that extra little emphasis.

A highlight of the release lies within ‘Live Alone’. The track begins with a RUFUS-like build: a driving four to the floor beat combined with a held back, delayed synth that leads to the restrained vocals of Her. The marimbas compliment the slow burning nature of this song, adding a welcomed tropical flavour to the mix which especially comes in handy when coupled with the enticing drum fill around the 3:24 mark.

‘Nous Horizon’ is highlighting once again that Yuksek’s niche is well and truly cemented within the realms of disco/pop, and pushing for the resurgence of the genre with emphatic pace.

Rating: ★★★

‘Nous Horizon’ is available everywhere through Yuksek’s Partyfine Records, and European fans can catch Yuksek throughout February to April as he takes his new album on the road – click the artwork below for more details

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author: Chris Salce

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