Over the past three weeks, electronic duo Aquilo has released a series of tracks forming part of a trilogy of videos. Who doesn’t love a good trilogy, right?

This beautiful and cinematic story follows the lives of a father and daughter, and the blossoming of young love. This short film in a sense is the perfect way for Aquilo’s heartfelt and ambient melodies to be reflected.

‘You Won’t Know Where You Stand’ is the first instalment of videos, which introduces us to a young girl aspiring to be a professional ice skater. However, the wonders of a first love seem to outweigh her priorities. The innocence of young love here is shown through those nostalgic times we can all recall on; getting each other’s number, texting, your first date, your first kiss, even your first heartbreak.

‘Silhouette’ then takes us back to family videos of the young girl with her mother. Clearly this loss is quite a poignant moment for this father and daughter as they both deal with the loss in their own ways. This video however focuses on the father’s journey and the heartbreak he has endured. Make sure you have a tissue box nearby because this one is an absolute tearjerker.

‘Almost Over’ is the final part of the trilogy and shows the young couple seemingly back together. They discuss the idea of eloping and travelling together but alas, it does not seem to come to light what with the responsibilities of life itself. The young boy is the main focus rounding out the video trilogy feeling heavy hearted.

Aquilo’s debut album ‘Silhouettes’ is a must listen to feel all of the feels. It’s gut- wrenching with gorgeous productions and may even cause you to tear up. We look forward to more visual splendour from this duo as they continue to take the music world by storm – get it now through Island Records.

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author: Kara Bertoncini