It’s been a hot minute but Little Dragon is back with the goods. Or should we say goodies?!

Their newest track ‘High’ has been straight up released with a complementing video, and let’s just say it’s all sorts of trippy magic.

Directed by Ossian Melin comes what seems to be an Eastern influenced video showing all band members dressed in traditional Eastern costumes of vibrant colours.

The dream-like soundscape and hypnotic ebbs and flows match nicely with the 80s drums and synths. In a way, they carry into the aesthetic of the video with a fuzzy kind of muted detail to the cinematography, conceptualised by Filip Aladdin.

This hypnotic new release will no doubt go down a treat as they head out on tour and play at Coachella.

What a Valentine’s Day treat for the northern hemisphere!

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author: Kara Bertoncini