French producer Kidswaste is back this week with the second single off his forthcoming ‘Spleen EP’, and while it does take on a bit more of an indie-pop kind of vibe than his usual stuff, it is still a really lovely track.

It’s called ‘Wild’ and it features smooth, comforting voice of a very talented artist out of the USA who calls himself Khai.

“Wild is the happy song on the EP. It’s meant to be positive and joyful, fighting against the idea of spleen itself, all whilst being part of it. It’s representative of the hope of things getting better.” – Kidswaste

Kidswaste’s ‘Spleen EP’ will see its release on February 24th through Next Wave / Ultra Records, and if you missed it last month, here is the colourfully trippy and surreal music video for the ep’s lead-single ‘More Colours’.

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