The grooviest of modern-day disco creators are back!

Jamiroquai has released the visuals to their latest single ‘Cloud 9’ from their soon to be dropped eighth studio album, ‘Automaton’ – their first album in seven years!

I just gotta say straight up, I am that good! I was thinking the whole time, that the woman who features in this video is yes, ridiculously sexy and good looking, but also that she looked a lot like Penelope Cruz. Well, wouldn’t ya know… she’s ol’ loves sister! How dare they be so genetically blessed!

Everything about this video is perfection! You’ve got Jay Kay’s iconic dance moves, the fedora hat, a slightly flared pant, vintage sports cars, an underground nightclub and gorgeous landscapes. All in all, these elements make for a wondrous video that pays homage to the video of their huge hit ‘Cosmic Girl’. A part two if you will.

Jamiroquai are set to tour Europe this summer so let’s just pray to the disco lords they make their way to Australia very, very soon!

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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