This week Sydney producer Donatachi is back with an infectious new future-pop track called ‘A/S/L’, which features the vocal work of fellow Aussies Tashka and Blair de Milo – what a collab!

While this is actually the fourth release from Donatachi, he says that “‘A/S/L’ is a true indication of my direction as an artist and producer, and to me it’s like the first official Donatachi release. I wanted to work the friends I had started with. Everything with Tashka and Blair comes so naturally; we are all on the same wavelength creatively.” 

‘A/S/L’ is truely an impressive single that stays true to Donatachi’s electro/future-pop sound, and clearly demonstrates the creative chemistry between these three artists and good friends.

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‘A/S/L’ is now available from iTunes & Spotify, and will definitely get you in the mood for a bit of a party.

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