Mookhi – ‘Lost & Found EP’ [Review]

‘Lost & Found EP’ is the debut from Sydney artist Mookhi, a talented 22 year-old who presents a self-produced and engineered flex, that gently draws you in. The ‘Lost & Found EP’ throws vibe around like Seekae and Disclosure do, while remaining tastefully in its own space.

Mookhi’s debut leads with the seducing single ‘Foul Play’ (featuring Billy Fox) is such an intriguing sound which sums up Mookhi’s thought process quite well. There’s moments where Billy Fox’s enigmatic vocals sit excellently on top of Mookhi’s samples. Then there’s moments where everything in the whole track has a bold amount of delay, cascading against each other at just the right frequency.

The balancing act of these two, and countless other vibes seems to be Mookhi’s biggest strength throughout ‘Lost & Found EP’.

Other cuts, such as ‘Lacunae’ present the more atmospheric touches that are reminiscent of older sounds, but truly feel new. ‘Call It What It Is’, rounds out a fierce release with some soaring belts that work extremely well.

In the end, if you like’d ‘Foul Play’, you’ll get something out of this EP without a doubt. Mookhi is the best when she’s at her bravest, and I along with many others, are going to be eagerly awaiting any moves she makes in the near future.

Rating: ★★★☆

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author: Hobey Bennett

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