Released in mid-January, ‘I See You’ is the highly anticipated third album from The xx. Since the release of ‘Coexist’ in 2012, the trio has seen growth in production and musicality. Incorporating more electronic influences, ‘I See You’ heralds an eclectic new sound for The xx.

‘On Hold’ has been one of my top played tracks since it’s release late last year. A smooth combination of layered vocals with the funky electronics of Jamie XX, this one was a hit.

The more creative combinations of sounds the band have been experimenting with are most evident in ‘Dangerous’ with percussion, bass, trumpets and voice making an unlikely quartet.

‘I Dare You’ drew back to the earlier work from The xx that I enjoyed so much. The full sound and steady beat build up to an anthemic conclusion to be a song with power and weight. ‘Lips’ takes it back to a slower, sexier mood.

Where most of the album has been dominated by the female vocalist, ‘A Violent Noise’ is refreshing. Unfortunately this song essentially goes nowhere, failing to build to the conclusion that feels promised. ‘Replica’ is more relaxed, easy listening with fuller instrumentals.

‘Performance’ was my favourite track on this album. Dark, pleading and emotional, I got a bit of a Dido vibe.

The xx has always been a strong act and their third album has been no exception. Their sound has grown and their music has developed. Although there were only three songs on the album that I really enjoyed as standalone tracks, the entire album is good background music.

Rating: ★★☆

‘I See You’ is available everywhere now Remote Control Records.

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author: Alexandra Milne

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