A few months ago NYC duo The Knocks were excited to announce that they have a new ep coming our way very soon called ‘Testify’, along with the its first single ‘Heat’, and this week they’re ready to give us another little taste.

‘Trouble’ is a warm slice of disco/electro-pop with its infectious funked-up groove and the chopped up, flipped and slightly manipulated vocals of Absofacto, and if it doesn’t make you smile and want to get up and bust out a few moves, then you should probably go have that looked at.

“We originally wrote “Trouble” with Abso in NYC at our studio as a slow, piano ballad, at 90 bpm. The idea was to write something that felt melancholy and classic. After we laid down the original idea, he left and we started experimenting with it – treating it like a sample – totally chopping it up and flipping it. This is the same way we approach some of our earlier songs like “Dancing With The DJ” and “Make it Better” so it was cool to go back to that formula while making a sound that was new and fresh.” – The Knocks

‘Testify’ will hit the shelves on February 3rd through Big Beat/Neon Gold.

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