So Laneway Festival is kicking off this week in Brisbane and the line-up this year is busting at the brim with some incredible talent, one of them being a Canadian duo called Bob Moses, and we were lucky enough to grab some one-on-one time with one of the guys, Jimmy Vallance, to ask him how/where his love for music began.

“My parents were always rocking The Beatles & Rolling Stones records when I was a little kid, but the first thing that had a massive impact on me musically, that was my own, was “The Chipmunks” cartoon show. They used to do awesome covers of hit songs like Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” or Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone’. The track I remember really wanting was “I Feel Good” by James Brown. I didn’t quite understand that all those songs weren’t by The Chipmunks at that point, so my parents ended up getting me the James Brown ‘Greatest Hits’ album, which I immediately fell in love with.

When I started learning to play drums a few years later, James Brown was one of the first artists I’d try to play along to. The feel of his records is so unique. It’s all about the soul, it doesn’t matter how tight or in the pocket your playing is – its gotta have feel. To this day James Brown is still on pretty heavy rotation in my headphones. Every time I put his music on I hear or learn something new…but most of all “I Feel Good”!”

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