Bonobo wrapped up 2016 with an incredible new track called ‘Break Apart’ which featured the wonderfully soothing and sensual voice of Milosh from Rhye, while also sharing news of a brand new album coming our way in January.

As we are all aware it is now January, and just ahead of the album’s release this week, Bonobo has given us another little sneak-peek with yet another stunning track. It’s titled ‘No Reason’ and it features Aussie artist Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker) taking the vocal-lead in this gorgeous, pulsing, eight-minute soundscape.

Bonobo’s forthcoming album ‘Migration’ will hit the shelves around January 13 via Ninja Tune / Inertia Music, and will also feature guest appearances from Innov Gnawahit, Nicole Miglis (of Hundred Waters) and as mentioned above, Rhye.

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