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Tigerilla has had quite the year and what a hoot it was chatting to him about it all at this year’s Sets on the Beach. Work really is play for this guy and I’m excited to see what 2017 will bring for him.

You’ve had a huge year! 5 Raves in 5 Days, your own tour, supported Nicole Millar and Troye Sivan. I mean…! Have you had a highlight?
Shit that’s a massive call. I must admit a massive highlight was when I got my single on high rotation on triple j. I think a lot of people forget when you’re growing up just how hard it is to take that next step. I got the text from my management and I didn’t believe them so I said send me the picture. That was a monumental point because I thought now I can get a wider reach, really push the envelope and show what I can do. I’ve had some really cool moments.

I love the video to your song ‘Tulips’ with Gill Bates. Those dance moves though… OMG!
I didn’t even make them up! Tom the director was like do you mind if we do the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen? I said that’s fine! Being nominated for a J Award was probably a highlight too. I was like, is this happening?!

You said on Facebook that “the Tigerilla journey is just beginning.” What does this mean? What’s going to happen?
I’ve got a few cool secrets coming up. My next single will be out early in the year, I’m working with some cool international people and I’ve got another cool project that links with Tigerilla that I’m working on with someone else which will be released around February. There’s a whole bunch of things that have started to take shape. I feel a bit of a shift for me personally too; the growth has started to happen. When I first started making beats I was like bro this is the dopest thing ever, I’m the greatest. Now I listen back and I’m like that WTF was I thinking? Now I have confidence in what I’m making.

You’re a Melbourne boy now so where is your favourite brunch spot?
Oh shit there’s heaps! I’m a Northie so anywhere off Lygon Street. I know that sounds super hipster of me but I’d say Wide Open Road or Smith and Daughters.

You have some snaps online showing facial hair and no facial hair. Which do you prefer?
If I could choose it’d be facial hair cause then I wouldn’t have to shave [bursts out laughing]. But the problem is when it’s hot I’m like why do I have a carpet on my face?! I can’t breathe!

You’ve also got some lovely locks on your head. What are some hair care tips you can impart onto your fans?
Shampoo regularly! You actually do have to take care of your hair so shampoo and condition it. My hair is that thick I may as well wear a scarf. I’ve been told I’ve got very healthy hair.

I’d love to get your thoughts on the Keep Sydney Open movement.
Growing up I remember going to my first gigs in Adelaide, even before clubbing was an option, and there were all ages gigs you could just go to, be around people and there were no problems. Nowadays I feel the fact they’re being stringent, and I do understand there’s violence and issues with drinking, but I don’t think that is the answer. The more you police it the more people become volatile and it’s going to exist. I feel what’s pushing everyone to this Keep Sydney Open movement is creating that rebel. It’s unfair and I think it’s silly. I think the movement is great and everyone should get around it. Musicians unite!

2017 is around the corner. Do you have a New Year’s resolution?
Um probably to quit smoking. Is that a normal one?! [laughs] Baby steps but I’m a cold turkey kinda guy. I’d probably also like to make a more prolific resolution whether it’s my own doing, assisting a cool charity or putting a voice behind something. I think I gotta be more proactive in a movement I believe in; that’s a big goal for me.

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author: Kara Bertoncini
photos by: Corey Harrison

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