SIDIZEN KING – ‘Sugar Lemon Tree’ Munan – ‘Freak Like Me’ HUMP DAY MIX with Night Tales LCD Soundsystem – new body rhumba (from the film White Noise) Fred again.. – Bleu (better with time) SG Lewis – Vibe Like This / Infatuation

words by Carlos Duarte

The final chapter in her ‘Hearts’ trilogy, ‘Redemption’ sees Dawn Richard come full circle as an independent artist. The production on ‘Redemption’ flaunts the best EDM has to offer while still drawing from Dawn’s r&b roots, as well as a few world-music elements.

Opening up the album with an arrangement of sparkling synths, bird calls and primal chants sets one up for the themes of liberation that abound on the 48-minute set. Both ‘Love Under Lights’ and ‘Black Crimes’ pulsate with stuttering synths and Dawn’s sultry tones, the former eventually showcasing eastern influences typical of acts like M.I.A and TALA.

‘Renegades’ brims with ecstatic handclap crescendos and promises of refuge to revellers of all kinds while ‘Lazarus’ shines thanks to its multitracked harmonies and video game like vibe. Once ‘Vines’ hits, ‘Redemption’ switches to a more sensual stride. ‘The Louvre’ proves itself one of the most glorious tracks you’ll hear all year thanks to the build-up of gorgeous strings in its final moments while ‘Hey Nikki’ charms with its bluesy strip-tease qualities.

With the valiant ‘Goldenheart’, dark beauty of ‘Blackheart’ and the fire that emanates from ‘Redemption’, Dawn Richard has delivered some of the most thrilling music of the last few years. That she has managed to release several singles and EPs in between, without recycling tracks for her LPs, proves she is one of the hardest working artists of today, and this fitting finale to her trilogy solidifies her status as one of music’s finest visionaries.

Rating: ★★★★★

Get yourself a copy of ‘Redemption’ now through Dawn Richard’s own imprint Our Dawn Entertainment.

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